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A Soul is known by itsí characteristics
      Put ON:

          ● Tender Mercies
          ● Kindness
          ● Humility
          ● Meekness
          ● Longsuffering
          ● Bearing with one another     
          ● Forgiving one another
          ● Love
          ● Peace of God
          ● Thankfulness

Weakness of Flesh Shunts Nobility
Christianity on trial:

    Clergy = Pride and Indolence
    Laity = Ignorance and Sevility
in both
Superstition  Bigotry
Mankind on trial:

    Leaders = Sueriority & Inactivity
    Believers = Unfamiliarity & Sucking-up

Falsehoods  Prejudices
False hearts hide in the shadows of their fears

Draw near with a True Heart

   ● In Faith
   ● From an Evil Conscience
   ● Bodies washed with Pure Water
   ● Hold Fast our Hope
   ● Consider one another in Love & Good Work
   ● Not Forsaking the Assembling of ourselves
   ● Exhorting one another

Bold valor triumphs as wisdom shines her truth
Duty to humbly, gratefully acknowledge, obey, God
Impossible to govern without God & the Bible
Each good soul is directly accountable to God
Morality can not be maintained without religion
It is good to teach Jesus Christ in our schools
To disregard Godís rules of order removes blessings
Political stability relies upon religion and morality
Humanity must ask if to be ruled by God or man
Lusts unbridled by morals & religion destroy society
The United States has no proclaimed national religion
Christianity is the best religion of wisdom, virtue, etc.
Public liberty & happiness hinge on Religion & morals
Dishonesty & trickery blind society from seeing truth
Religious Authority is declared by God, Not man

       An engine for enslaving mankind
       Adulterated / atificial constructions
       A contrivance to filch wealth & power   

Clergy = The real Anti-Christ

God Rules over the follies of man
All liberties are of the Gift of God
When the people fear government, there is tyranny
Best governing least / people discipline themselves
Civil rights involve freedom of religious choice
Religion is a matter between man and his God
No one religion should rule over another
Clergy is used more as deceptive business of thieves
False pious leaders favor your belief in lies over truth
God expects careful reason over impulsive fear
The Christian religion = best religion given to man
Wisdom cannot be had without honesty
The actions of our lives reflect our religious values
Knowledge/key to a soulís freedom & such, societies

God carries His own past the failures of man
Souls following the commandments of God = Citizens
Religion is the basis and foundation of Government
Duty to God is what makes a Civil Society
Each person is responsible for their own religion
Cursed is teachings contrary to the cross of Christ
It is a right and obligation for man to account to God
No religious test shall be instituted for public service
Religious bondage shackles and debilitates the mind
Separation/church/state is to stop religious carnage
Christianity is at risk of splitting into separate Sects
Belief in a God is essential to moral order & happiness
Coming is when the rich few will abolish the republic
Good leaders will not always lead us
Harmony can only be found from within
→ The foundation of all morality
       1) The existence of God
       2) The immortality of the human soul
       3) A future state of rewards & punishments
Emotions alone cannot defend against truth
Liberty involves responsibility over careless mayhem
All pray & give thanks & ask for God's protection
The Bible is the best book for the revival of humanity
Morality is set up by Godís existence and immortality
Coming judgment of good and bad tempers decency
False religion employs the secular to enforce tyranny
Opinions of man violate Godís call for godly morality
Godís congregation = those receiving the Holy Spirit
Power blinds those from seeing the meekís wisdom
Christís kingdom holds those born of spirit
Ultimate devotion yields to the love of Jesus
Self-Control is heavenís test all must answer to
Salvation from sin comes by following Jesus
God's Plan redeems through Christ

Receive the gift
of the Holy Spirit

baptized in the name
of Jesus Christ
= Remission
of sins
God Almighty hands out grace to all
The Bible holds values that built Americaís Republic
Civil rights & liberty of conscious is worth defending
In-house corruption & abuse of power defeats all
Pompous elitists steal social tranquility
National debt imprisons liberty to servitude
Federal banking shackles honest business
Bribes and scheming politicians sour nobility
Pray God He protects us uniting our rejoicing hearts
It is scripture that frees a soul from troubles
Public opinion impacts accountability on who govern
Traditions and opinions can blur clear truth
Ignorance and bigotry embrace mortal mistakes
Atonement in Christ is a soulís only real rest
Freedom is only free when concern for others is the Bond
Endangered liberty is from within:
           Cupidity (Greedy Meanness)
           Disappointed ambition
           Inordinate thirst for power

May God bless you and be with you always!


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